Incorporation Procedures

Incorporation Steps  Detail Procedures
Step 1Complete Incorporation Form Complete Incorporation application Forms
Complete incorporation form with details of the following :

  • Proposed names of the new company
  • Business activities of the company
  • the director(s) and shareholder(s) contact numbers and email address, together with all the copies of NRIC or passports
  • Details of issued/paid up capital, with share allocation
  • Registered office address

(Note: Nominee director and registered office address services is available should you require such services)

If shareholder is not an individual but a corporation, we would require the Certificate of Incorporation, M&AA and updated registers of directors and shareholders of this corporation.

  • We will check the availability of the proposed company name and confirm its availability.
  • Details of the director(s), issued/paid-up capital, shareholder(s) and primary business activities and email address will be submitted for name reservation
  • Once the name is approved, within 60 days from the date of application, the company can be incorporated*.
Step 2Sign Incorporation Documents We will prepare the incorporation documents (including Form 45 & Form 49) for signing by director(s) and shareholder(s).If director(s) and shareholder(s) are in Singapore, we will witness the signing of incorporation documents in our office.If however, they are in overseas, we will send all documents by email for signing.Some signatures need to be witnessed by a Notary Public and we will proceed to incorporation only when all the signatures of director(s) and shareholder(s) are in order.
Step 3Submit Incorporation Incorporation can be completed in 1 working day*. Upon successful incorporation, we will send you a full set of documents (inclusive of 5 copies of M&AA) for your retention.If you need to have a hard copy of the Certificate of Incorporation, it can be purchased separately from ACRA.
Post Incorporation Things need to be done after incorporation:

  • Hold First  Directors’ Meeting  to determine and confirm the financial year of the company, appointment of secretarial agent, company officers and auditor (if applicable)
  • Open company’s bank account