Many people have the mistaken perception that the role of the company secretary is to carry out general administration, answer phone calls, type documents etc. In fact, under Section 171 of the Companies Act other than the directors and shareholders, the company secretary is the office bearer whose name is required to be registered with ACRA.

To be a qualified secretary, one must have the requisite knowledge and experience to discharge the duties of the company secretary with due diligence as called for under the Companies Act and statutory requirements.

Through years, we have helped our clients closely align their corporate matters to meet full statutory requirements.

The key scopes of work covered are as follows:

  • Provide a Company Secretary to be registered with ACRA  as Officer of the company
  • Advise and execute on statutory matters such as share transfer or allotment, change of company’s directors or shareholders, dividend issues etc.
  • Proactively alert clients on important statutory dates such as accounts completion date, due time of holding Annual General Meeting (AGM) and submission of Annual Return to ACRA, etc.
  • Safe custody of pocket seal and update and maintain the Company’s statutory registers and records.