Understanding the role of the Company Secretary

1 Does a Singapore Company have to appoint a Company Secretary?
  Yes. Section 171 of the Companies Act requires every company to have at least one secretary within 6 months from date of incorporation who must be a natural person and who must have his or her principal place of residence in Singapore.
2 What does a Company Secretary Do?
  Company secretary assists with ongoing statutory matters of the company which include preparing resolutions, minutes and notices of general meetings and subsequently lodging changes and returns to ACRA. Some of examples are amendments of Memorandum and Articles of Associations, share allotments and share transfers, change directors or shareholders and file Annual Return to ACRA.In addition, the company secretary has to notify the directors of the company on the various deadline to comply with the statutory requirement.To update and maintaining statutory records such as register of directors and directors’ shareholding, register of members, register of transfers etc.