Company Incorporation

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Basic requirements to set up a Singapore Private Limited Company

Company Director(s)

Companies Act of Singapore requires each company to have a minimum of one local director (at least 18 years of age without prior bankruptcy record) who has to be a Singaporean, a Singapore Permanent Resident, or a person who has been issued an Entrepass or Employment Pass holder.

If you are not a local person or company and have difficulties to satisfy this requirement,   we can provide nominee director service to meet your needs requirement.

For more details, please refer to Directors’ Duties.


The company requires a minimum of one (1) shareholder who can be an individual (do not need to be a Singaporean) or a corporation (with 100% foreign own).

Company Secretary

Every company must have at least one qualified corporate secretary with a principle place of residence in Singapore. We provide such services to all of our clients.

For details, please refer to FAQ understand secretary role.

Paid Up Capital

The minimum paid-up capital is S$1 (or its equivalent in any currency).  However, the paid up capital can be called and increased from time to time by ordinary resolution.

For details, please refer to FAQ paid up capital.