FAQs on Paid-up Capital

No. Description
1 What is paid up capital?
  Paid-up capital is the amount of share that the company has received in full from the shareholders.
2 What is the minimum paid up capital?
  $1.00 per shareholder or its equivalent in any currency
3 When must i pay the paid up capital and where?
  The issued share capital must be paid up immediately after incorporation and deposited into the company’s bank account after it is opened with the bank.
4 What will be my liabilities if i have high paid up?
  If in an unfortunate event the company goes bust, the creditor can inspect the company accounts and lay their claim for the balance paid up, if it has not been utilized.
5 What is the procedure for increasing paid-up capital at a later date?
  • Inform us in written of number of shares allotted and percentages of shareholdings.
  • Inject capitals into the company’s bank accounts and send us a bank slip of deposited amount.
  • Upon receiving it, we will prepare share allotment documents and send to you for signing.
  • Lodge the signed documents with ACRA for validating the changes.
  • Send you an updated company profile reflecting the new capital amount.
6 Whether the paid-up capital that injected into the company bank account can be withdrawn?
  Yes. You can start using the fund for valid business needs right after company has been set up.