FAQs on Companies

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1 What is a Company?
  A company is an incorporated legal entity registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 50, with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) .  It usually has the words ‘Pte Ltd’ (Private Limited) or ‘Ltd’ (Limited) as part of its name.The most common type of business entity registered in Singapore is  “private limited companies” as it is a very tax efficient corporate body.
2 What is a small exempt private company (“EPC”)?
  An exempt private company (EPC) is a private limited company,   whose annual revenue does not exceed the prescribed threshold, of which all shares are not held directly or indirectly by any corporation (i.e. another limited company), and which has not more than 20 members.
3 What are the basic features of a Singapore Company?
  Minimum 1 director + 1 shareholder + 1 company secretary + registered address

  • Foreign director(s) allowed, but at least one director must be a local resident who is a Singaporean, Singapore permanent resident, Entrepass or employment pass holder.
  • Minimum number of shares to be issued is 1 and with no par value share.   No minimum capital requirement and an issued capital of S$ 1.00 that can subsequently be increased to the required. 100% owned by foreign shareholder(s) are allowed, either by an individual or a foreign corporation.
  • The company secretary must be residing locally in Singapore and conversant with requirements of the Singapore Companies Act. His/her name need to be registered with ACRA together with directors and shareholders under Section 171 of the Companies Act.
  • Company must have a local registered address in Singapore.
4 Are there restrictions on names?
  A proposed company name will not be approved if it is identical to the name of another company. Undesirable names, including offensive or vulgar names will also not be approved. Please note that a name application may be referred to the Regulatory Authorities for comments if the name application discloses information, which necessitates the referral.  For more information, please refer to the Referral Authorities Table.